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The term "duplicate PIDM" refers to a student, employee, alumnus or vendor that has multiple identities in Banner. For a given individual there are two or more unique PIDM’s that have the same or overlapping data that pertains to a single individual. It is sometimes caused by differences in the way an individual reports their name (i.e., Art vs. Arthur), misspellings, or typos (i.e., SSN is 444555666 on one record and 444555667 on another).



Regardless of the cause, these records must be merged back under one good PIDM and the duplicate record(s) deleted from the system to prevent further errors from happening.



To accomplish this MSU utilizes a 3rd-party application developed by The George Washington University called GWAPP (George Washington Abolish Pidm Problems). The GWAPP software is very effective in correcting duplicate PIDM problems. However, it’s also a powerful tool that has the potential of negatively affecting a student, employee, alumnus, or vendor. Because of this it is only accessible by a select number of users.


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk