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The intention of the secondary advisor is to allow a department to track secondary advising responsibilities. Usage of the secondary advisor could include minors, certificates, teacher certification, thesis, accelerated Masters, pre-professional programs, and other academic advising functions. Usage of the secondary advisor tag is optional depending on the needs of the individual academic department.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to SGAADVR.
  2. Enter the student’s BearPass ID.
  3. Enter the term in which the advising update should occur.
  4. Next block to the advisor information box, where you will generally see a primary advisor already assigned.
  5. Click in the next open ID box.

  6. Type in the secondary advisor’s ID number (or search for them by doing a name search in the name field to the right of the ID box).

  7. In the advisor type box, select SECN from the Advisor Type Validation box, which can be accessed by clicking the drop-down arrow under Advisor Type.
  8. Click OK after selecting SECN.
  9. Leave the Primary Indicator box unchecked.
  10. Save the secondary advisor addition by clicking the save icon in the toolbar above the form.

Reviewing Secondary Advisees on the Advisee List

By default, the advisee list will contain all of the user’s primary and secondary advisees. It is possible to filter out only the primary or only the secondary advisees.

  1. Click the Filter advisees using following criteria” radio button at the top of the Advisee List.
  2. When clicked, a number of filtering options will become available.
  3. On the “Advisor Type” drop-down menu, select “Primary” to get your primary advisee list or “Non-Primary” to get your secondary advisees.
  4. Click the “Next” button at the bottom of the page. As an example, if you look for secondary advisees, the results will bring back a condensed advisee list showing only those marked as a secondary advisee. Without filtering, you can still identify secondary advisees in the unfiltered list as secondary advisees have a superscript “N” to the right of the student’s name.


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