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Entering Student Information

  1. Log in to Banner INB. If you are unsure of how to log in, refer to Logging into Internet Native Banner (INB) .
  2. On the main menu, in the Go To field, type SGAADVR, and then press ENTER on your keyboard.
  3. When completing the SGAADVR form, there are two methods in which to enter a student's information, based on your knowledge of the student's name and BearPass Number:
    1. ID Field: If you know the student's BearPass Number, type the number beginning with the capital letter M into the ID field. The Name field will automatically fill with the corresponding student name.
    2. Name Field: If you do not know the student's BearPass Number, TAB to the Name field, and type the student's last and first name, separated by a comma. Example: Smith, David or smith, david. The ID field will automatically fill with the corresponding BearPass Number, unless multiple names exist.Remember, when searching by name, you MUST identify the correct student if multiple names appear in the pop-up box, "ID and Name Extended Search."

  4. In the Term field, type the academic term. 
    1. Examples: 200940 = Fall 2009, 201020 = Spring 2010; 201030 = Summer 2010.

Performing a Next Block

  1. Click the Next Block icon  in the tool bar.

Changing a Student's Advisor

  1. If the student has an existing advisor, click the Maintenance button  in the middle of your screen. If you are not able to click the Maintenance button, click in the FROM TERM and then you should be able to click the Maintenance button. If the student does not have an advisor listed or it does NOT say "Unassigned, Advisor" skip to step 3.
  2. The Option List dialog box opens. Click Copy Advisor.
  3. Ensure the appropriate term fills the FROM TERM field you entered in step 4 above.
  4. Enter the new advisor's information into the form under the advisor that is listed. It is best to use the new advisor's BearPass Number for assignment. If you do not know the BearPass Number, click the drop-down arrow below ID to open a query field. Enter the advisor's last and first name, which IS case sensitive, and then F8 to execute query. If you are ONLY removing an advisor and NOT assigning a new advisor, you should assign the student to BearPass Number M01051320. This is the BearPass Number for Unassigned, Advisor.


    If you remove an advisor and do not assign another advisor, the system will default to a previous advisor. This is why it is so important to use the Unassigned, Advisor BearPass Number.

  5. Click the drop-down arrow under Advisor Type. MAJR will automatically appear under Advisor Type.
  6. Highlight the advisor's BearPass Number you wish to remove. Click RECORD then REMOVE in the menu bar.
  7. Ensure that the correct primary advisor is checked as the PRIMARY INDICATOR. Once you have all the information entered correctly, click the SAVE icon in the tool bar or click File > Save in the menu bar.


    The primary indicator must be checked so advisor assignment is visible through Self-Service Banner.

Adding an Additional Advisor

Click in the next available ID box, and then repeat the above steps 1 through 6. Ensure the correct primary advisor is checked as the student's Primary Indicator.

Removing an Advisor

  1. While the advisor you wish to remove is highlighted, click Record then Remove in the menu bar.
  2. Once you have all the information entered correctly, click the Save icon in the toolbar or click File>Save in the menu bar. Ensure that the correct primary advisor is checked as the Primary Indicator. More than one advisor can be listed, but only one advisor should be checked under the Primary Indicator. Only the primary advisor will be visible to students through self-service banner.

Banner Advisor Change Instructions PDF


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk