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Entering Grades through INB

  1. Log into Internet Native Banner.
  2. Enter the form name SFAALST in the Go To field.   

    SFAALST lets you put in a last date of attendance.  The last date of attendance has to be entered at the end of the semester.  If you do not use this form, the system will not let you save information.  However, this form does not let you enter midterm grades.

  3. For midterms use SFASLST.

    SFASLST  is the only form that lets you enter midterm grades.  However, it will not let you enter the last date of attendance.  This is not necessary for midterms.

  4. Enter the term that you are grading for in the Term field.
  5. Enter the CRN of the class you are grading in the CRN field.
  6. Leave the Roll and Degree Award Status fields blank.
  7. Perform a next block (CTRL+PageDown) to get to the grading area of the form.
  8. Enter the grade for each student under either Midterm Grade or Final Grade depending on which type of grade you are entering. Midterm grades are entered in the middle of the semester, and final grades are entered at the end.
  9. To navigate from one student to the next, hit the down arrow key or use your cursor.
  10. Save the record.


INB Grading Cautions

  1. If you click the drop down box under Midterm Grade or Final Grade it will pull up a form that has every possible grade you could enter for that course. However, not all of these grades are permitted to be entered by departments. Banner will allow you to enter any of these grades, but they are not to be used. For example, Banner will allow you to enter an “N” grade for a student, even though the “N” grade is outdated and has been replaced with the “W” grade. The reason the “N” grade is still in Banner is so that previous semesters that have already been graded on Phoenix will show up correctly in Banner.
  2. “N” grades have been replaced with “W” grades beginning in FA09. If a student drops a course during the semester, he/she will receive a “W” grade.   This grade will already be on the page if the student has dropped the course.  If it is not there, a grade (other than “W”) MUST be entered.

    The following grades can be assigned to courses beginning in Fall 2009

    • A, A-
    • B, B+, B-
    • C, C+, C-
    • D, D+
    • F
    • I
    • P or NP (this grade can only be entered if the “Grade Mode” is set to “P”).
    • V (this can only be place on by the Office of the Registrar).
    • W (this can only be placed on by the Office of the Registrar).
    • Z (this grade can only be entered if the “Grade Mode” is set to “Z.” A Grade Mode of “S”   (Standard) will not allow a “Z” grade to be put in).

  3. Always leave the Grade Comment field blank. Banner will allow you to type in this field, but it will not allow you to save the record if there is type in this field.

  4. Note that the students are NOT in alpha order in INB.  They are listed in the order that they enrolled in the class.
  5. If a student has placed a class on audit, the “V” grade will already be put on as the grade.  Do not put a “V” grade on if it is not there.
  6. If a student has placed a class on Pass/Not Pass.  The Grade Mode will be set to “P” and only a “P” or “NP” should be entered for the grade.

Banner will allow you to put in any grade, but you should ONLY put in a “P” or “NP” for these.


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk