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  1. Go to a form in Banner. Note that if you make changes to the form you must close it out and then reopen it or the extract will not contain your updates.
  2. Select Help then Extract Data No Key while holding down the CTRL key.  Wait and file will appear. If you click the box to Always Trust/Always Open or whatever it says before you open the document it will no longer make you go through that step and instead will directly open Excel and display the extracted information.
  3. Format the info as desired. Generally, you will need to choose Format then Adjust Column Width to Fit at a minimum

  4. Once you've done the formatting desired, save the file.  Be sure to completely close out of Excel and also close the gokoutd web browser page that opened during the extract.  If you don't close these then your next attempt at extracting will most likely fail. 

  5. Make sure that you have checked the Include Headings in Data Extract on GUAPREF.


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