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Entering Student Information

  1. Log in to Banner INB. If you are unsure of how to log in, refer to Logging into Internet Native Banner .
  2. On the main menu, in the Go To... field, type SFAREGS, and then press Enter on your keyboard.
  3. During each Banner session, the first time you access the SFAREGS form, you will be directed to the Distribution Parameters screen. Click the black X at the far right of your screen to proceed.

  4. In the Term field of the SFAREGS form, type the desired academic term: 200940 = Fall 2009; 201020 = Spring 2010; 201030 = Summer 2010. Then press Tab on your keyboard. Pressing Tab allows you to activate the next field without using your mouse.


    The SFAREGS form is only for granting overload status. Do not use this form to see if a student is registered or to view a student's schedule. Instead use SFAREGF, SFAREGQ, or Self-Service Banner (My Missouri State).

  5. When completing the SFAREGS form, there are two methods in which to enter a student's information, based on your knowledge of the student's name and BearPass Number:
    1. ID Field---If you know the student's BearPass Number, type the number beginning with the capital letter M into the ID field. The Name field will automatically fill with the corresponding student name.
    2. Name Field---If you do not know the student's BearPass Number, Tab to the Name field, and type the student's last and first name, separated by a comma, with each capitalized. Example: Smith, David. The ID field will automatically fill with the corresponding BearPass Number. If you do not know the student's full name, there are two methods in which to search for a student by his or her last name.
    3. Use the wildcard search feature by typing at least the first two letters of the student's last name, followed by a percentage sign into the Name field. Example: Sm%. If there are multiple students with the same name, a pop-up box opens. Select the correct student or refine your criteria.
  6. Click the drop-down arrow between the ID field and the Name field. Click Person Search, and then TAB to the last name field. Use your arrow keys to highlight the correct student.
  7.  Once you have all the criteria entered correctly, click the Select  icon in the tool bar.
  8. Press the F8 key on your keyboard to execute your query.

Performing a Next Block

  1. Click the Next Block  icon in the tool bar. Your cursor should move into the next keyblock, unless there are any holds placed on the student's account. If the student has a hold, you cannot advance without overriding the hold. See section Overriding a Hold below for more information.

Granting Overload Hours

  1. Your cursor is now in the Enrollment Information keyblock of the SFAREGS form. The selected student should have the code EL (Eligible to Register) in the STATUS field. Tab to the Maximum Hours field and type the number of overload hours for which the student is approved.

  2. Save the record by clicking the Save icon in the tool bar or by clicking File > Save in the menu bar.
  3. Click Save again. A dialog box opens stating, Fee Assessment Processed. 
  4. Click OK.

Overriding a Hold

  1. If a student has a hold (previously known as an encumbrance) when you access SFAREGS and type his or her BearPass Number, you will receive an error message stating "Person has holds, cannot register."
  2. Press List view
  3. Click OK.
  4. In the Student Registration keyblock of the SFAREGS form, your cursor should now appear in the Holds field. Type OVR in this field, and then click the Next Block icon. This is a protected code, so only *** appears. Proceed to section Granting Overload Hours to complete granting overload status.


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk