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Online FOAPAL Authorization Request is a web application for requesting access to an employee's Fund/Org security in Banner. This affects the documents and budget information that they can see or originate through Self-Service Banner, Internet Native Banner, and other Banner-related applications. This is a guide for using the application to initiate and approve requests.

If you are requesting Approver-level access, please complete and submit a signed FOAPAL Authorization Form to Financial Services, Carrington 113. If you need to remove current access, or have other questions, please send the email to

Step-by-step guides

Initiating Requests

  1. Log in to the Online FOAPAL Authorization application in one of three ways:
    1. Visit and log in with your BearPass Login and password.
    2. Log in to My Missouristate, click the Work Resources tab, and locate it under the Finance channel.
    3. Visit the Banner Finance page.
  2. Click Initiate New Request.

  3. Enter the BearPass Number of the person you want to request access for, and then click Add.

    1. You can add multiple users to the list.

    2. If you aren't sure what someone's BearPass Number is, use Lookup BearPass Number.

    3. Remove users from the list by clicking Remove next to their name, should you need to do so. 

    4. Each person's request will be processed separately. So, an Approver can reject the request for one person's access and accept the request for another.

  4. Specify the following information for each Funds/Organization that you want the subject(s) of the request to have access to:
    1. The type of access that they should receive.
      1. View allows users to see budget information for the selected Funds and Organizations.
      2. Originate access includes View access, and provides the ability to originate, but not approve, requisitions for the specified Fund and Organization.
    2. The Chart on which that Fund/Organization pair is valid (U or F).
    3. The Fund code (such as A02000)
    4. The 6-digit Organization Code (such as 132007)

    Green check marks indicate that the combination is valid, and a red X indicates an invalid combination. In the example request below, the first pair is valid. In the second pair, the Fund can't be found on the chart chosen; the chart should be 'F', not 'U'. In the third pair, the Fund and the Organization both exist on chart U, but the combination doesn't work; that is, the Organization chosen doesn't draw from that Fund.

  5. Click Add More Rows to add five rows if you need them.

  6. Add some text to the Notes field. This is where you can enter some helpful text for the Approvers who will see this request later, such as "The subject is our new Administrative Assistant and needs access to see this budget information." The note text will be visible to everyone associated with the request: the subject, the Approvers, and you, the requester.

  7. Click Submit after reviewing the information you've entered. You should be redirected back to the list of requests that are active for you.

You can quickly fill in the Fund/Organization table with all the Funds and Organizations that you are an Approver for by clicking My FOAPs. When you enter requests for FOAPs that you are already an Approver for, the request is automatically marked as approved by you.

Approving Requests

If you are an Approver for a Fund/Organization, you should receive an email notification whenever a request is entered for that Fund/Org.

  1. Log in to the FOAPAL Authorization application and visit the My Active Requests page. 
  2. Click Take Action to begin approving or denying a request.
  3. Click Approve or Deny for the specific Fund/Organization.

    If you Deny any of the Fund/Org pairs, you will be required to leave note explaining the rationale for denial. This is just a quick message back to the requester and subject so that they understand what's going on.

  4. Click Submit once you've filled out the request.
  5. Click Submit once you've filled out the request.
  6. If you approved any part of the request, then the request for the FOAPs you approved will be processed. If your department uses a multi-step approval chain (AND Approvers), then the request will be routed to the next Approvers in the chain. If you are the final Approver, then one of two things will happen:
    • The request will be routed to Computer Services for the subject to have a PROD account created (if they do not have one).
    • The access will be automatically granted (if the subject already has the necessary PROD account).


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk