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While we generally recommend using Internet Native Banner (INB) on a Windows computer and Internet Explorer we know that sometimes Mac users have to access INB as well. On a Mac this process can be slightly more involved and less reliable, however as of right now it does appear to work.

Step-by-step guide

  1. First you will want to get the correct version of Java, which we recommend Java 8.60, from Oracle's download site.

  2. Once this installs Open the downloaded file and double click the application inside.

  3. Follow the prompts by hitting Continue.

  4. The window will ask you to Install as the final step.

  5. Generally this will bring up a second window prompting you to enter your or the administrator password on the computer.

  6. Once you install the file you will need to make sure that the Java application is running by going to the Java Menu.
  7. This can be found by going to your System Preferences by either selecting the icon on your Tray or by searching for it on the top menu bar.

  8. At the bottom of your System Preferences menu there will be an icon for Java that you will click.

  9. A new window will appear, and you will want to select the Update tab at the top.

  10. There you will want to uncheck the box for automatic updates, as these may cause issues wit INB in the future.

  11. This will prompt another window warning about unchecking the box, go a head and click the button to Do Not Check.

  12. Next you will want to go to the Security tab.

  13. On this page you will want to click the button to Edit Site List.

  14. You will want to add in the following exceptions - - https://* - - and if directed also add - as needed for other applications.

  15. Click OK

  16. And then click Apply, it may ask for your computer or administrator password again.

  17. From this you should be able to access Internet Native Banner. 


Please note as of right now Firefox and Safari do work with Java 8.60 and INB, whereas Chrome does not. However, we generally recommend not using Safari.


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk