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Delegated Grading allows you to assign grading to another instructor or teaching assistant in your course to help you grade. You can divide up the grading tasks among teaching assistants or other graders, which can be useful for large classes. Delegated grading promotes reliability, improves consistency, and helps and removes bias. You can also assign blind graders, who cannot see each other’s’ ratings. Each grader provides separate grades, feedback and notes to students. Users with the ability to reconcile grades may review all the grades given to a submission and set the official grade for the attempt. By default, instructors have reconciling abilities.

Step-by-step guide

  1. When creating or editing an Assignment, select Grading Options

  2. Select the Enable Delegated Grading checkbox, then choose the graders you want to choose from in the Show menu.

  3. In the Grading Options section, you can view the list of potential graders. Use the filter show menu to filter the list. 
  4. Use the menu next to each grader's name to assign submissions. 

  5. Instructors in a course can see other assigned graders. 
  6. In View Settings you can assign other roles such as view scores, feedback, and notes added by others. 

  7. You can view who can determine the final grade and feedback for each student in the Reconcile Grades column. All instructors are able to reconcile grades. 

  8. Once all graders have graded the assignment, any user with the instructor role can click on the Reconcile Grades option in the contextual menu for the Grade Center column.

  9. You can reconcile grades either by selecting the individual grade for each student from the Final Grade column. You can select the Highest, Average, or Lowest grade given to the student, or you can input a custom grade.

  10. You can also reconcile grades by auto-grading all submissions with the Highest, Average, or Lowest score given to each student.



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