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The Date Management tool can be used to easily change all content and tool dates in your course.

Step-by-step guide

Setting up Date Management

  1. On your course page, on the left side, scroll down to the control panel 
  2. Click course tools

  3. Click  Date Management

  4. First choose if you want to adjust the course item dates to new dates.

  5. Select Use Course Start Date or Adjust by Number of Days, or List All Dates for Review. 
    1. Clicking on Use Course Start Date will display two date boxes. If this content was copied from a previous course shell Blackboard will detect it and populate the Current Start Date box. If the start date for your new class is set, the New box will automatically be filled in, but if not you can fill it in. The difference between these two dates will provide a number which Blackboard will use to shift all the previous dates to the new course dates.

    2. Adjust by Number of Days is of use if you get behind a few days due to illness, weather, or other scheduling mishaps. For example, if you want to push everything back a week you would enter 7 into the box.
    3. List All Dates For Review will fill every dated item in the course to the Date Management Review Page.

Date Management Review Page

This page shows everything that has dates set in your course. 

Run Date Management Again will take you back to the Date Management page from which you can automatically adjust all the dates, and the Refresh button will make sure the page is current.

The filter line contains two ways to view the information on the page. The Item Types dropdown enables you to choose the particular type of content you are seeing on the page, whereas the Date Types shows the viewing options for different date uses.

By checking the boxes you can adjust only certain dates by a certain number. (A negative number will move the date earlier than it's current location.)

Clicking Name, Due, Starts, Ends, ect will sort the list by that heading.

Clicking the pencil button for any one item will enable you to adjust just that date.


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk