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The Blackboard Learn platform supports all teaching methods. Since different courses require different structures and designs, the new Quick Setup Guide makes it easy for you to choose an appropriate theme and structure for your course so you spend less time designing and more time on the real work of teaching and learning.

Step-by-step guide

Using the Quick Setup Guide

  1. The Quick Setup Guide is found in the Control Panel. 

  2. Panel One asks you ensure the name and description of your course are correct.

  3. Click Choose a Course Structure in the next panel to continue. 
    Course structures are predefined course materials such as menu links, instructions, and content examples that can jump-start your course organization. If you are happy with the default or current structure of your course menu, you can continue to the next step. If your course requires a structure different than the one provided in the default template, you can select a new one here based on your course focus or activity.

  4. Select a Course Structure option and preview the links and content items which will be added to your current course menu. The selected course structure's content will be added to your course and does not replace any existing menu items and content you’ve already built. Once you have applied these changes, you can delete any unnecessary items.  

  5. Click on a menu item  in the preview to display a description of its use. 

  6. Once you have selected a new Course Structure, click the Use This Structure. Select the check box if you would like to include content examples to get you started. 

  7. In the Choose a Course Theme panel, you can change the colors and background designs displayed in your course. If you don’t wish to change the look and feel, you can leave the Default theme selected.

  8. The Learn about using your course Panel provides quick access to more online guides and videos, as well as a link to Missouri State University Blackboard resources.  

  9. When you are ready, click on Apply Changes.


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