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 Can I delete more than one announcement at a time?

No. The software on which the portal is based requires the user to click delete for each message/announcement in order to prevent accidental deletion of announcements. 

By default, announcements have an automatic expiration. For campus announcements it is usually 2 weeks; for course announcements it is 2 weeks. Some announcements may have other default expiration times. Remember to check the announcement duration to ensure the lifetime of the announcement is what you wish for it to be.

 Can existing announcements be edited?

Existing campus and personal announcements cannot be edited; the software on which the portal is based prevents editing of announcements for several reasons. First, editing an announcement changes information that may already have been read by its intended recipients, which will mean that users either don't notice the changes or that they become confused as to what information is correct. Second, there are technical considerations (for example, does the lifecycle of the announcement change, or remain the same?) that make editing an existing announcement very troublesome.

Remember, if an announcement must be changed, it will need to be posted as a new announcement. Please be sure to proof announcements prior to submitting them.

Guidelines for use of the portal for information distribution are forthcoming from the Office of Publications.  

 What is the difference between a personal and a campus announcement?

Personal announcements are targeted to individuals based on their role at the campus, either Faculty, Staff, or Student. It is possible to have more than one role, so if you are a staff member who also takes some classes at the University, you will receive announcements for both Staff and Students. These announcements will generally pertain to events unique to your role(s) or you job at the University, and are not intended for every individual.

Campus Announcements are sent to all faculty, staff, and students of both Missouri State University - Springfield and Missouri State University - West Plains. These general announcements are intended for all members of the university and will announce campus-wide events or pertinent information.

  Are campus and personal announcements archived?

No, campus and personal announcements are not archived. The software on which the portal is based does not include this capability; announcements exist for their programmed duration and then are removed.

As a reminder, announcements are not to be used for the distribution of legal information. Official Missouri State University communications are still to be made via email or paper; any information that must be distributed to all Missouri State University employees must be disseminated through one of these two official methods.

University Communications assists with announcements.


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk