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If you want to create surveys for your course, you can do so in a similar way to how you create tests. Surveys can be useful during the course to engage students further in a topic, or for you to use to assess the course content when the course has finished. There are two steps to creating a new survey: creating the survey and adding the survey questions.

To create a new survey

  1. Go to the Content Area where you want to add a survey. You could create a separate Surveys content area for this purpose.
  2. Point to Create Assessment, and then click Survey.

  3. On the Create Survey page, click Create.
  4. In the Name box, type a name for your survey.
  5. In the Description text area, type a description and Instructions for the survey as you desire.

  6. In the Instructions text area, type instructions for your students if needed.
  7. Click Submit.

To add questions to a survey

After clicking Submit, you will notice a page similar to what you see when you add questions to a test. The Survey Canvas for your specific page is where you will add questions to your survey. There are three ways to add questions to a survey:

  • Create Question: We have an extensive set of documentation on how to create each question available for test and surveys.
  • Find Questions: This option will open the Find Questions window, and you can search for existing questions from older tests and surveys or pools.
  • Upload Questions: If you create questions off Blackboard, you can upload them for use in a survey.

We recommend that you use Multiple Choice or Multiple Answer to give students several options they can click; these options will also easily generate statistics. For comments related to a survey, you may want to choose Essay or Short Answer.


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk