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Overall, the Blackboard interface is similar to the interface of older versions. However, there are some notable differences.

Tabs and Tools

Like older versions of Blackboard, you will see tabs for the main Blackboard page and for your courses. (NOT Sure on this)

In the top right, you will see your name. Clicking on it will open up the new Global Navigation Menu. For more information on the Global Navigation Menu, click here. Clicking the door icon will log you out of Blackboard.

Course Menu

The menu of links to various areas of Blackboard is the same in function, but it does look a bit sleeker than in older versions.

Course Dashboard

In the course Dashboard, you will notice several more boxes than you would find in the old Blackboard. In addition, you will see links to the notifications settings page on several of these boxes. These boxes may or may not contain information, depending on what type of settings your instructor has created for the course; it also depends on what settings you have created for your notifications.


You may notice that your courses include several boxes of content on the course dashboard. These are called Modules and each includes different information for you or your instructor. Be aware that not all instructors will use these modules, so don't panic if you don't see them in every course on Blackboard 9.

You may now add Modules to your Blackboard page to make it a little more personal. Simply select Add Module from your home page and get started.


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk