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  1. How to Use Delegated Grading

    Delegated Grading allows you to assign grading to another instructor or teaching assistant in your course to help you grade. You can divide up the grading tasks among teaching assistants or other graders, which can be useful for large classes. Delegated grading promotes reliability, improves consistency, and helps and
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  2. How to Clear Browsing Data in Microsoft Edge

    Occasionally, it becomes necessary to clear all the cookies, cached items, and other accumulated stuff that has suddenly rendered your web browser unusable in some way. This guide will walk you through how to clear these items out of your Internet Explorer browser. Stepbystep guide Select the ... icon in the top right
    Experts Knowledge BaseJan 08, 2018
  3. How to Print a Brochure

    Before you begin review the Experts Author and Style Guide. When printing a brochure, you can follow the guide below to ensure that it prints correctly. This guide was created for Microsoft Office 2013/2016. Please visit to see other help
    Experts Knowledge BaseOct 17, 2017
  4. How to Plug in a Computer to an Ethernet Outlet

    You need to connect your computer to an ethernet to establish internet/domain connection. Stepbystep guide Plug in the ethernet cord to the computer. Plug in the power cord into the ethernet wall outlet. An Ethernet cable is has a larger and wider jack than a traditional phone cable (RJ11). Please verify the cable clip
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  5. Forward Your Course Logs to Blackboard System Administrator

    If you have any issues or run across an ERROR message in coping or importing your course, use the following steps to send your course logs to the Blackboard Administrator for review. Stepbystep guide Click to access the detailed log. image2017106145912.png Click the Import file name image20171061502.png Related article
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  6. How to Configure Skype for Business

    The following guide provides instructions on how to locate, open, and configure Skype for Business for students, staff, and faculty users. For information on how to install Skype for Business, see the Skype for Business page. Stepbystep guide Configure Skype for Business on a PC On a Windows 10 PC, open your start
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  7. How to Find and Print Your 1098-T

    Students may need their 1098T Tuition Statement for their tax history or for their insurers. Stepbystep guides Finding the 1098T Log in to Click Student. MMS student tab.png Select Tuition Tax Statement in the My Finances module. Tuition Tax Statement MMS.png Enter the
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  8. How to Log in to My Missouri State

    If you do not have a Missouri State University Active Directory Account, you will first need to get one by either visiting the Computer Services OpenAccess Labs or by creating an account online. For further assistance, please contact your Computer Services Help Desk. Stepbystep guide Access the login page directly at h
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  9. How to See Your Booklist in My Missouri State

    Stepbystep guide Log in to My Missouri State using your BearPass Login and Password. New MMS login screen.png 2. Select the Registration tab. MMS registration.png 3. In the My Course Materials module, select View Booklist and Order. You will be directed to the Bookstore's Web site. View Bo
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  10. How to Print in My Missouri State

    When viewing information in SelfService Banner through the My Missouri State portal, you will notice that the information appears in a box with the portal dimmed in the background. This box is known as a "frame," and printing frames sometimes requires additional steps to make sure information is formatted correctly whe
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