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Step-by-step guide

  1. Open Internet Explorer. Use the Tools menu to turn off pop-up blockers.
  2. Log in to INB:
    1. Watch for a yellow bar across the top of your screen.Click it and select Run Active X Control.
    2. Click Run or Yes to any pop-up boxes.
    3. Type your username (usually the first letter of your first name, and your last name).
    4. Type your password (case-sensitive).
    5. Leave Database field blank and either press ENTER or click Connect.
  3. On the General Menu page, in the "Go To..." field, type SOAHOLD and press enter on your keyboard.

  4. In the ID field, type the student's BearPass Number. If you do not know the BearPass Number, there are different ways to search for a student:
    1. Tab to the name field and type the student's last name (capitalize first letter) comma first name (capitalize first letter) and press the tab key. Example: Boomer, Bear
    2. If you do not know or want to type the full name, the wildcard (%) search can be used. Example: Bo%
    3. If there are multiple students with the same name, a small box will pop-up from where you can select your student or refine your criteria.

  5. OR...
    1. Click on the drop-down arrow between the ID field and the name field. Click Person Search.

    2. Tab to the Last Name field and begin entering student's name.

    3. Press the F8 key to execute your query.

    4. Use your keyboard arrow keys to highlight the student you want and click the Select icon.
  6. Once you have your student's BearPass Number and name filled in on SOAHOLD, perform a Next Block 

Removing a Hold

  1. Once you have accessed the student's SOAHOLD form, use your keyboard arrow keys to navigate to the specific hold you wish to remove.
  2. From the top menu, click Record, and then in the drop-down menu, click Remove.

  3.  Save.
  4. You may either click the black X to leave this screen, or select Rollback to remove/add a hold for another student.

Adding a Hold

  1. Once you have accessed the student's SOAHOLD form, navigate using your keyboard arrow keys to the first blank Hold Type field.
  2. Type in the Hold Type code.
    1. If you do not know the Hold Type code, click the drop down arrow next to Hold Type.This will open a table of all Hold Codes. 
    2. Click on your Hold Code to highlight it
    3. Click OK.

  3. Type in the Origination Code (Hold Type and Origination Code are required fields).
  4. Save. Your username is now displayed to show that you added the hold

Additional Elements

You have the opportunity to state a brief Reason for the hold; please use caution as anything you enter will appear on the web for the student, faculty, and staff to see (anyone who has access to the student's record). Always leave Release Indicator unchecked and always leave the Amount field blank – as we do not wish for this to appear on the web. Generally, there is no reason to change theFrom and To fields.


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