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Files that have been uploaded and converted for display in the inline viewer can be annotated directly within the browser.
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Step-by-step guide

  1. Create the assignment as normal.


    When you create an assignment, tell your students in the assignment instructions which file formats are supported, and encourage them to not put their name or any other personal information in the file to keep their privacy.

  2. Access the Grade Attempt from the Grade Center. Once a student has submitted a document you can grade it. The following are common submission formats:
    1. Word (DOC, DOCX)
    2. PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX)
    3. Excel (XLS, XLSX)
    4. PDF (PDF)

  3. Click Comment in the There are two options for annotating the document: Draw and Comment.
    1. To Draw, select the pencil icon.
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    2. Your cursor will turn into a crosshair icon. Click and drag the cursor to draw on the document.
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    3. To add comments, select the Comment icon in the Box toolbar.
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    2. For placing a point comment, select a place within the document and write your comment in the pop-up box, then click Post.
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    3. To highlight a section of text, place your cursor over the selected text and drag until the entire selection is highlighted, then release your cursor. Select the Highlighter icon to highlight the selection in yellow.
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    4. To highlight the text in yellow and add a comment, follow the
    steps in #4
    1. step above (e.) and then select the Comment icon. Write your comment and then click Post.
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