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Follow these steps to download your assignment with instructor feedback once it's been graded.

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Step-by-step guide

Follow these steps to download your assignment with instructor feedback once it's been graded.

To view a graded assignment

  1. Open the Global Navigation bar and click on the My Grades icon.

  2. Click on the assignment you want to view on the left side (if it is not already appearing on the right) and then click View Attempt on the right side.

  3. From here you can see the Instructor's comments in the left box (if any). Any inline notations they have made will appear on the preview of your assignement. You can also download the assignment either in the annotated or unannotated version by clicking the download box (with red box below). Then just follow your browser's download  dialog boxes.

To view instructor feedback on an assignment or test

  1. Access your grades, either within the class or in My Grades:
    1. Within the class:
      1. If the Instructor has provided a link in your class, click My Grades in the course menu.

      2. Then click the title of the entry you want to view the feedback on.

    2. Within My Grades:
      1. Click My Grades in My Blackboard.

      2. Click the item you wish to view the feedback of on the left side and click View Attempt on the right side.

  2.  On the View Attempts screen, click the Calculated Grade.
You will then be able to see whatever feedback the instructor has allowed viewing of.

To view an inline graded assignment

Instructors can now grade your assignments in the document, much like the review feature in Word.To be graded inline the format has to be in Word, Excel, Powerpoint or PDF. (DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, or PDF)It is recommended that you not put your name or any personal information in the file to protect your privacy as the inline viewer is powered by a third-party, cloud-based technology called Box.
  1.  Submit the document (in the correct format) as normal and after submission you will see the following screen:
    Image RemovedImage Added

  2. Once the Instructor has graded your submission you will be able to see their comments.
  3. Access the attempt via My Grades (or your preferred method.)

    Then feast your wondering eyes.
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  4. Your instructor’s comments will be indicated by a blue comment bubble. You can hover your mouse over the comment bubble to view the comment.
    Image Added

  5. From this page you can also download the file with the Image RemovedImage Added button.
    You can then choose to either download the file or the annotated PDF which includes the instructor's comments.
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