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Courtesy of Sonic Foundry, Madison WS.

  • The maximum size for a screencast video is 1280 x 720 pixels after transcoding. You can select a screen region larger than 1280 x 720. However, we DO NOT recommend it since anything larger than 1280 x 720 will be scaled down on the server for playback purposes. If you want to capture the entire desktop, you must resize your monitor.

  • Screencasts will produce one slide every 30 seconds regardless of the content. As a result, slide detection is not recommended for screencasts. If you want to use slide detection, choose audio + slides.

  • When you are using multiple monitors, the Mediasite Desktop Recorder will only capture the primary monitor. So it is important to organize the desktop so that the area you want to record is on the primary monitor.

  • When recording a screencast, use large fonts for text. Keep in mind that viewers may be watching the recording at a reduced resolution.

  • The maximum duration of a recording is two (2) hours.

  • If the Mediasite Desktop Recorder control panel is in the capture area during your recording session, it will appear in the final recording. To avoid this, if you are recording the entire desktop, make sure to hide the Mediasite Desktop Recorder control panel. If you are recording a certain region of the desktop, simply make sure the Mediasite Desktop Recorder control panel is not within the capture region's boundaries.

  • You can edit your recordings later using the Mediasite Web Editor. If you make a mistake, you don't need to start over from the beginning. You can just pause or continue recording and start over from where you made the mistake. Once the recording is finished and uploaded to a presentation on Mediasite, you can use the editor to remove the mistake.

Please note that, while anyone can download and use the recorder, only faculty accounts are able to upload recordings to the Mediasite servers.


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