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As the course instructor, your view of the course Blackboard site is different from your students’; however, when it comes to Assignments, students view them in much the same way that you do. The information below details how students see and interact with Assignments in Blackboard.

Viewing Assignments

When you create an Assignment in Blackboard, you choose the content area where the Assignment will appear. The students will then see the Assignment link in the content area, and they simply click the link to access the Assignment. All Assignments have the same icon to make it easier to distinguish them from other Blackboard items; the symbol for an Assignment is a document with a pencil and ruler on top of it (see image below).

An important step when creating an Assignment is making the item available. If you skip this step in the Availability options, then your students will not be able to see the Assignment link, even though you can see it.

The first image below shows what an Assignment link looks like to both the instructor and student inside the content area (such as the Week 1 folder). In the second image, notice that the Assignment is greyed out and it says “Item is not available”; this means that students cannot see the Assignment link, and the item availability needs to be changed before students can access the Assignment.

Submitting Assignments

When it is time for students to turn in their Assignment, they must find and select the correct Assignment link (as shown above). Once they have clicked on the Assignment link, students will see how many points the Assignment is worth, the instructions for the Assignment, and any files you attached to the Assignment. They will need to scroll to the Assignment Submission options to submit their work before the due date; students have the option to either write their submission in the Blackboard text editor or upload a file from their computer or content collection. They may then choose to add comments to their submission before hitting Submit, which notifies you that the Assignment has been completed and is ready to grade. You can access submitted Assignments in the Needs Grading section of the Grade Center, and you can learn more about grading Assignments on Experts.



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