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This is a list of recommended best practices in regards to assessing learners.

  1. Don't use Force Completion and a Timer on Tests. 
    This combination of settings can cause several issues for students that only the instructor can resolve. Instead of using Force Completion and a Timer on Blackboard Tests, we recommend setting the test to allow only one attempt along with a Timer and Auto Submit. You should never use both Auto Submit and Force Completion.

  2. Students should logout of Blackboard and back in before taking exams.
    Make sure your students have completely logged out of Blackboard first – use the log-out icon in the top right corner – before logging back into Blackboard to begin an exam. This helps prevent time-out errors which can result in frantic emails and phone calls.

  3. Avoid using Internet Explorer. 
    Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome will provide a much better Blackboard experience than Internet Explorer.

  4. Learn how to use Test Availability Exceptions
    This will help in providing accommodations to diverse learners' needs.

  5. Communicate course organization with students.
    Make sure to let your students know exactly where the assessment can be found in your Blackboard course and when it will be available for them to take. 

  6. Use Due Dates. 
    Adding a Due Date when deploying an assessment will ensure that it shows up on the students' Blackboard Calendar.

  7. Communicate expectations with students. 
    Communicate with your students to let them know how you expect assignments to be submitted. For more information on how to give a good test in Blackboard, see our Blackboard Testing Tips.

For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk