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This page is no longer being updated. Please refer to the Knowledge Base to view the most updated information. 

This is a list of best practices pertaining to monitoring student activity and performance.

  1. Assessments with points are added automatically to the Grade Center.
    If you've created an assessment in Blackboard that has points (even 0 points) then Blackboard has already created a column for that assessment in the Grade Center. Don't create another column for that assessment, as it can become confusing.

  2. Hiding a column only hides it from your view.
    Hiding a column from your view in the Grade Center does NOT remove it from the student's view. If you want to hide a column from their grade book, use the "Edit Column Information" function and set it to hidden from student view or select Hide from students (on/off) in the column's contextual menu.

  3. Customize the Retention Center to fit your needs.
    Every rule in the Retention Center can be customized to meet your preferences.

  4. Running totals need "0" for grades. 
    If you choose to leave your Total Column as a Running Total, enter 0's for any assignments that students fail to turn in. This way, they'll have an accurate picture of their actual grade in the course.

For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk