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Definitions of terms necessary to successfully create Academic-Related events in the EMS Online Reservation System

1st ContactThe person scheduling or requesting the event
2nd ContactA second person, if any, that should receive confirmation of the event
BookingAn individual occurrence of a reservation
Class Breakout SessionEvent type taking place at the same time as a class for the students in the class to break into groups
Class Review/Study SessionEvent type taking place for a class to review/study lead by an instructor
Class TestEvent type to allow for extra time for a class to take a test
Class Extra SessionEvent type for other class-related events (Ex. Extra time for student presentations)
Department Specialty RoomA room that is specific to a department that other departments require permission to use (Ex. A laboratory or a computer classroom designated for one department). Generally, the scheduler for the department over the room is the only one who can create and confirm events in the room.
Non-Credit Class

Class scheduled through Missouri Outreach or Foreign Language Institute

Research ProjectEvent type for an event related only to research and does not include public attendance
ReservationAn entire event including all booking and locations

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