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These are names and descriptions of the elements available when editing a calendar feed block.

Content via form

Adjust the displayed content for the Calendar feed block via a form.

Headline (optional)

Change the headline of the Calendar feed block. This is only visible in the Web Press editor and does not effect the displayed heading.

Heading (optional)

Set the heading text for the calendar feed block. If not set, no heading will be displayed.

Calendar feed URL

Set the specified calendar feed URL used to generate the desired calendar feed.

Number of items (optional)

Set the specified number of calendar events to be displayed. If not set, the default number of items displayed is 3.

Description of events (optional)

Set whether or not calendar events will display their descriptive text. If not set, by default descriptions will be displayed.

Collapsed date, time and location (optional)

Set whether or not the date, time and location information for calendar events will be collapsed into a single line. If not set, by default date, time and location is not collapsed.

More events label (optional)

Set the displayed text of the link to view additional calendar events, located at the bottom of the calendar feed block. If not set, the default text will be "See all events".


Refer to our how to edit a calendar feed block article for instructions on editing these elements.

For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk