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These are names and descriptions of the elements available when editing a database form block.

Database form properties

Adjust the form properties for the database form block via a form.


Change the headline of the database form block.

This is only visible in the Web Press editor and does not effect the displayed heading.

Email addresses (optional)

Set the specific email address(es) to be sent a notification email each time the form is submitted.

If not set, by default no email will be sent.

Email format

When setting multiple emails for this element, be sure to separate each email address with a semi-colon ";".


Database table name

Set the name of the database table for the the database form.

CAPTCHA test (optional)

Set whether or not to require the completion of a CAPTCHA test in order to submit this form.

If not set, by default a CAPTCHA test is used.

Custom Thank You page (optional)

Displays the options available for editing the link for a custom "Thank You" page.

List of form field items

Displays the options available for creating, connecting, reordering and removing field set items.

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