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These are names and descriptions of the elements available when editing a Facebook feed block.

Facebook feed properties

Adjust the displayed content for the Facebook feed block via a form.

Headline (optional)

Allows a headline for the page. This headline will not be visible on the live site.

Type of feed

Set the specific type of Facebook feed to display. Must match with the specified Facebook URL.

URL of Facebook page, post or video

Set the Facebook URL of the page, post, or video to be displayed. Must match with the specified feed type.

Show header (optional)

Set whether or not to display the respective account header for the specified Facebook URL.

If not set, by default the header will be displayed.

Show/hide Facebook faces (optional)

Set whether or not Facebook faces will be displayed.

If not set, by default Facebook faces will not be displayed.

Height (optional)

Sets the height (in pixels) of the Twitter feed block. If not set the default height is 590px.


Refer to our how to edit a Facebook feed block article for instructions on editing these elements.

For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk