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These are options available for you to edit when you open your Feature Block in Web Press.

Layout (optional)

Set the visual format/layout of the feature block.

If not set, by default the feature block will display in the vertical layout.

Displays the options available for editing the link for the feature.

Image (optional)

Set the image displayed image above the feature heading. Along with the headline, this element will be selectable for the set link.

If not set, by default no image will be displayed.


In order for the feature block to display properly, the set image must be of the dimensions: 700x394 (in pixels).


Set the heading text to be displayed. Along with the image, this element will selectable for the set link.

Description (optional)

Set the descriptive text displayed after the feature heading.

If not set, by default no text will be displayed.


Refer to our how to edit a feature block article for instructions on editing these elements.

For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk