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These are names and descriptions of the elements available when editing a scholarship block.

Scholarship block

Heading level (optional)

Set the heading level format (Heading 2–Heading 5) for the displayed heading text.

If not set, Heading 2 will be used for the displayed heading text.

Heading (optional)

Set the heading text to be displayed above the scholarship block.

If not set, no heading text will be displayed.

Scholarship item


Adjust the displayed content for the scholarship item via a form.

Headline (optional)

Change the headline of the scholarship item. This is only visible in the Web Press editor and does not effect the displayed heading.

Scholarship title

Set the scholarship title displayed as a heading above at the top of the scholarship item.

Scholarship intro

Set the introductory text displayed after the scholarship title.


Set the displayed rich text for the "Value" section.

Use departmental and general online application? (optional)

Set whether or not preset information for the MSU Annual Scholarship Application will be displayed in the "Application" section.

If not set, by default the preset information will not be displayed.

Does this scholarship require completion of the FAFSA?

Set whether or not a statement about requiring the completion of the FAFSA is displayed.

If not set, by default the FAFSA requirement statement will not be displayed.

Application (optional)

Set the text displayed for the "Application" section.

If the "Use departmental and general online application?" element is set to "Yes", then this field can be left empty.


Set the text displayed for the "Funding" section.

Selection criteria

Set the text displayed for the "Selection criteria" section.

Is this scholarship renewable?

Set whether or not a preset statement that this scholarship can be renewed will be displayed.

Additional sentence following Renewal Criteria statement (optional)

Set the plain text displayed after the "Renewal Criteria" statement.

If not set, no text will be displayed.

Additional information

Set the text displayed for the "Additional information" section.

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