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This guide explains how to connect to the Open Access Computer Labs using Ubunutu. Most Linux computers will go through a similar process so if you have any questions contact Computer Services.  

Step-by-step guide

  1. Open your Printing menu. How you access this menu depends on your operating system. It should be located somewhere under your System menu. 

  2. A Printing - localhost window will appear. Click Add or the green plus button. 

  3. A New Printer window should appear. 
    1. Click the drop-down arrow next to Network Printer to display a list and select Windows Printers via SAMBA.
    2. In the box next to smb://, type in the printer server followed by the name of the printer you want to connect to. A list of printers and servers is at the bottom of this page. 
    3. Click Forward

  4. Select the radio button next to Select printer from database and then select the printer make from the list. The makes of the printers are listed at the bottom of this page. Next, click Forward

  5. Select the printer model from the drop-down list. The printer models are listed at bottom of this page. Next, click Forward

  6. You will then be given a list of Installable Options. You will be presented with a list of features for your printer. You should select any that you would like to use.

    Then click Forward.

  7. The next screen will ask to describe the printer. You may enter in any information you wish so that you know what printer you are connecting to. We recommend typing something about which computer lab printer you are setting up. Once you are finished, click Apply

  8. You have now finished setting up the printer and may close any windows that appear. When you try to print to the printer you will be presented with an Authentication window. Type your Bearpass Login and Password. Then click OK.

Open Access Computer Lab Printers

Printer Location
Printer Name
Print Server
Printer Make and Model
Cheek Hall 0150OLAB-CHEK-0150-01manatee.missouristate.eduHP LaserJet Enterprise M806
Cheek Hall 0150OLAB-CHEK-0150-COLORmanatee.missouristate.eduDell C2660dn Color Laser Printer
Meyer Library 0105OLAB-LIBR-0105-01,
manatee.missouristate.eduHP LaserJet Enterprise M806
Meyer Library 0105OLAB-LIBR-0105-COLORmanatee.missouristate.eduDell S5840 Color Smart Printer
Glass Hall 0229OLAB-GLAS-0229-01manatee.missouristate.eduHP LaserJet Enterprise M806
Glass Hall 0229OLAB-GLAS-0229-COLORmanatee.missouristate.eduDell C2660dn Color Laser Printer 

Other Commonly Used Printers

Printer Location
Printer Name
Print Server
Printer Make and Model
Bear Claw (Meyer Library)CLAW-LIBR114-01manatee.missouristate.eduHP LaserJet 9050
Bear Claw (Meyer Library)CLAW-LIBR114-02manatee.missouristate.eduHP LaserJet 9050
Meyer Library 0007LIBR-LIBR007-01manatee.missouristate.eduDell 5350dn Laser Printer 
Meyer Library 0105LIBR-LIBR105-01manatee.missouristate.eduHP LaserJet Enterprise M806
Meyer Library 0106LIBR-LIBR106-01manatee.missouristate.eduDell 5350dn Laser Printer 
Meyer Library 0206LIBR-LIBR206-01manatee.missouristate.eduDell 5350dn Laser Printer 
Meyer Library 0215LIBR-LIBR215-01manatee.missouristate.eduDell 5350dn Laser Printer 
Professional Building 0102CHHS-PROF102-01manatee.missouristate.eduHP LaserJet Enterprise M806
Plaster Student Union 0111OSE-PLSU111-01manatee.missouristate.eduDell B5460dn Laser Printer 

For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk