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This guide will walk you through taking a screenshot with Jing, a free image capturing program from TechSmith. For more walkthroughs, check out TechSmith's Jing Tutorials. If you have access to Snagit, TechSmith's paid software, you may find the Snagit Tutorials helpful.

Step-by-step guides

Downloading Jing

  1. Go to the TechSmith website and download Jing for your operating system.

  2. Wait for your features to install.

  3. Watch the tutorial, if you have time.

  4. Click Get Started and create a new account.

Capturing a screenshot

  1. Hover over the Jing Sun at the edge of your screen. If you don't have a sun, launch Jing and it will appear. Click the crosshairs.

  2. Click and drag the two golden lines to capture a certain area.

  3. Select your capture option at the bottom of your capture area – you will have several options:
    1. Capture
    2. Video
    3. Re-do the capture
    4. Cancel your selection

  4. Click the first icon to capture a screenshot. This will open the Jing editor.

  5. Click the box icon on the side to make a red box around the important part of the screen shot.

  6. Click the save button on the bottom bar.

Blacking out sensitive information

  1. Select the box icon in the toolbar after capturing a screenshot.

  2. Click the color box and select black. 

  3. Draw a thin outline box in order to blackout the information. You can make as many as are necessary to cover the material.


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk