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When requesting your Blackboard courses on the Class Dashboard, you will be prompted to choose a template for each course. The template you choose determines the structure and default content of your new course.

The information below will help you decide which template is best for your courses.

Default Template

The Default Template is essentially a blank slate for you to build your course. If you plan to perform a course copy from a previous Blackboard course, the Default Template is the best option for you. There is no pre-loaded content in the default template, and the only link on the course menu is to the Announcements page.

Online Course Template

The Online Course template is provided by the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning. For those building an online course, this template is the best option. This template includes a curated course menu and guided content to help you build your online course. 

Master Shell Template

When requesting a Master Course shell, you can select either the Online Course template described above or the Master Shell template. The Master Shell template contains no content, but the course menu has curated tools and links to help you get started on building your Master Course. 

Once a template is selected and the course is created on Blackboard, there is no way to change the template.

For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk