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As an administrator for a space, you can configure the sidebar links, shortcuts, and more from the Configure sidebar menu. 

Step-by-step guides

Configuring Pages and Blogs

  • Click the icon to the right of the links to hide or show them on the sidebar.
  • Drag links into a different order within this section.
  • Click Add Link to put a shortcut into the sidebar.
  • Click the icon to remove a shortcut link.
  • Links can be moved around by dragging them within this section.
  • Click the hide or show icon beside the 'Space Shortcuts' to show or hide all shortcuts on the sidebar.

Navigation Display Options

  • Select Child Pages to see the current page and it's children in the sidebar.
  • Select Page Tree to see the whole page tree for the space, expanded to the current page.



For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk

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