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You can create lesson plans and add them to course content areas like many other Blackboard tools. You could add lesson plans to specific Learning Modules, or simply for an entire class. Lesson plans are organized groups of content items, but they do not enforce sequential viewing of items as a Learning Module would. In addition, Lesson Plans are largely based on information rather than actual content as you would find in a Learning Module. 

Step-by-step guides

Adding a lesson plan

  1. Click the Content Area where you want to add a lesson plan.

  2. Point to Build Content, and then click Lesson Plan. You will see the Create Lesson Plan screen.

To set information and viewing options

  1. In the Name box, type a name for the lesson plan.
  2. In the Description area, type a description for your lesson plan.
  3. From the available options, choose to include Instructional Level, Instructor, Objectives, and Subject Area.
  4. Under Options, select your viewing options.
  5. Click Save and Exit to finish and continue setting the lesson plan later.
    -OR- Click Save and Continue to continue working on the lesson plan.

To set curriculum responses

Once you have a Lesson Plan set up, you can add as many resources as you wish. Although for a lesson plan, you may only want to add files and textbook information.

  1. Point to a Resource list, and then click the resource you want to add.

  2. When you are finished, click OK.

Adding Lesson Plan Sections

Once you have added a lesson plan to your course, you can build sections in your lesson plan. There are several sections available in lesson plans and there are four built-in automatically: Instructional Level, Instructor, Objective, and Subject Area. 

To add a new section to a lesson plan

  1. With a lesson plan open, point to Add Lesson Plan Section, and then select the section you wish to add. 
  2. Type the appropriate name or information for the section, and then click Save and ContinueView the next page, and then click OK.

    Be sure to select Share with Students on anything you want students to view.

To change the title of a section

  1. Add a new Lesson Plan section.
  2. Click the name of the section. 

  3. In the Edit Element Name box, type a new name for the section, and then click Save.

Lesson Plan Sections

There are several lesson plan sections; four are default options when you create a lesson plan. View the example below to see all of the lesson plan sections. 

Lesson Profile

Information about the course relating to instructional level, objectives, etc. 


Information about an author pulled from course materials. 


Dates referring to the beginning and end of the course. 

Instructional Level

Information regarding the level of the course. Useful for split undergraduate and graduate courses.


Information about the person(s) teaching the class.


Information about what will be covered in the class.

Subject Area

English, Biology, etc. Basic information that could also relate to the department in which the class can be found. 

Time Period

Information regarding the time the class takes place. For example, ENG 145 takes place Thursdays at 5:30 p.m.

Lesson Preparation

This section refers to how you will organize and share content with students in the class. 

Assess Instructional Levels

Information regarding the instructional levels. Useful for split courses.


Information regarding the building or classroom where class will be held. Also useful for study away courses.


Information regarding materials needed to complete the course including textbooks, software, and tools. 

Resources and Technology

Any additional information you would like to share regarding items that could help a student with the course. 

Student Grouping

Information regarding student groups, how students will be grouped, etc. 

Lesson Walk-Through

Guided Student Activities

Information regarding any student activities that are sequential.

Independent Student Activities

Information regarding student activities that are non-sequential.


Information about how to complete or grade the lesson.

Next Steps

Information regarding steps to take after completion of the lesson. 

Outcomes: Expected

Information about any expected outcomes from the assignment or lesson.

Lesson Assessment

Assessment Plan

Information about how you or your colleagues plan to assess the lesson.


Information regarding the finalization of the course.

Enhancement Suggestions

Information regarding ways to enhance this lesson, based on current critique or surveys from past students.

Outcomes: Actual

Overall course outcomes; this could include student performance, critique, etc. 

Set Up

Custom Field

This is a completely custom field created by you. While you can edit the name of any field in the lesson plan, this field will empty for you to place your own content. 

Section Heading

This feature is useful for organizing a lesson plan for personal or student viewing. For example, you can create sections within the lesson plan to describe specific areas, or to organize areas that can be seen by you only. 


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk