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Follow the steps below to create a reservation in the EMS Online Reservation System

Step-by-step guide

To Create an Event

  1. Log in to the EMS Online Reservation System at
  2. Choose a Reservation Template in the My Home tab
    1. Click Book Now by the template of your choice
  3. Enter a Date and Time for your event
    1. Use the  to select the date
    2. Enter the Start and End Times in their respective boxes
    3. For an event that happens more than once
      1. Click Recurrence
      2. Choose the type of recurrence (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Random)
      3. Set pattern and dates of recurrence
      4. Click Apply Recurrence 
  4. Choose a Building
    1.  Click Add/Remove next to locations in the side bar
    2. Check the box next to your desired building(s)
    3. Click Update Locations
    4. Click Search under locations in the side bar
  5. Choose a Room
    1. Click the  next to your desired room
  6. Enter Attendance and Setup Type
  7. Repeat Steps 4-6 as necessary for your event
  8. Click Reservation Details at the top of the page
  9. Input Reservation Details
    1. Event Details- Both the Event Name and Type are required 
    2. Client Details- The Client and the 1st Contact are required
    3. Attachments- Not required
    4. Additional Information- Emergency Contact Name and Number are required
    5. Billing Information- Not required for Academic Events
  10. Click Create Reservation

For further assistance with the EMS Online Reservation System, contact


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk