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Step-by-step Guide

  1. Open Blackboard and go to the course for which you would like to add a Self and Peer Assessment.
  2. When in the correct course, choose the page where you want the assessment, and hover over Assessments on the menu bar. Click Self and Peer Assessment.

  3. When you are in the creation prompt, choose New on the first option.

  4. Insert what you want to call the assessment in the Name space and be sure to include clear instructions or other information your students might need to complete the assignment. Then choose the dates that you want students to be able to submit their work.

  5. Next you need to give the Evaluation options. The evaluation dates must be after the submission dates. If you choose to allow anonymous evaluation, Blackboard will hide the names of both submitters and evaluators. If you choose to allow the results to be viewed by the submitter he or she will not be able to see the evaluators' name, if it is anonymous. Enter the number of submissions each student is to evaluate.

    If this is a self-assessment only, enter 0 for the number of submissions to evaluate.


  6. Choose to make the assessments available to students and enter your preferences for tracking views and view date restrictions. When you are satisfied with your choices, click Submit.

  7. You can always Edit an Assessment after building it.

You must be sure to add criteria to questions that you put in the assessment.

Learn more about Self and Peer Assessments on Blackboard’s Help pages.


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk