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A blueprint is a function to help you create, manage, and organize content in Experts. You can create meeting notes, shared file lists, requirements, and decision trackers from preset blueprints, or you can customize these presets to suit your space needs.

Step-by-step guides

Using a Blueprint

You create a page from a blueprint in the same way as other pages in Confluence.  All blueprints are different and most contain instructions to guide you.

  1. Choose Create on the header.

  2. Choose one of the blueprints from the Create pop-up and click Next.

  3. Enter a title and appropriate labels. Then click Create.

Depending on the blueprint selected, the editor, a prompt to enter information, or the page will appear. If you are using the global theme, the first time a blueprint is used in a space, Experts will create an index page and add a shortcut to your sidebar. The index shows information from your blueprint pages. For example, the meeting notes index displays a list of all meeting notes pages in the space. If you are using the Documentation theme, your blueprint index pages will appear in the sidebar as children of the page you built your new page off of.

Customizing Blueprints

Blueprints can be altered for an individual space. This means you can adapt the content of the blueprint pages to suit your specific needs. For example, you might update the Meeting Notes blueprint templates to include a heading for each of your meeting attendees.

You can only alter Space blueprints if you are the administrator in that space.

Customize a Blueprint template for a Space

  1. Click Create on the header.

  2. Click Add or customize templates for the selected space.

  3. Click Edit beside the blueprint template you wish to edit. 

  4. Make your changes to the template and click Save.

Editing a blueprint template is very similar to editing a page template except:

  • You should be careful not to remove any macros that the blueprint page or index page may use to store and display information. 
  • You cannot remove a blueprint template or change the template name.

Reset a Blueprint template back to the default

After you have altered the template, if you don't like your changes, simply click Reset to default to revert it.

Editing a blueprint template will not change existing pages, but any new blueprint pages will be based on the updated template. 

Promoting a Blueprint in the Create section

  1. Click Space Tools and then Content Tools.
  2. Choose Promote next to the blueprints you want to show up when the user creates a new page.

When you promote a blueprint, you hide other ones from view. They will show up under a Show More link instead.


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk