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In Outlook on the web, the People application is used to view, create, edit, find, and delete contacts.  

Step-by-step guide

How to Create a Contact List 

  1. First, login to the Office 365 Portal 
  2. Find the People icon, either on the main screen or in the waffle menu at the top left of the page.
  3. Click Your contacts in the left pane and select the folder you want to create the contact or contact list for. 
  4. On the toolbar at the top of the screen, select New drop down arrow > Contact List

  5. Enter a name for the contact list in the List name box.
  6. To add contacts to the list, type their name or email address in the Add members box. The person’s email address must be in your contacts before you can add it to a contact list.
  7. Select save. 

How to Edit a Contact List

  1. In the Office 365 portal select the People tile. 
  2. Select the contact list you want to edit, and select Edit
  3. Select Save to confirm. 



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