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Step-by-step guide

Edit Notifications Through Blackboard

  1. Log into Blackboard 
  2. Click the drop down arrow next to your name, on the top right side of the page

  3. Click Settings in the drop down menu

  4. Click Edit Notification Settings

  5. You may either click Edit General Settings or edit Individual courses

Edit Individual Courses

  1. To make changes to individual courses click Selected, select a course, and click the arrow to move it to the Selected Items box.

  2. Click each notification you want and click if you want to be notified in the dashboard, email, and/or mobile.
  3. Click Submit

Edit General Settings

  1. Edit notification settings for all of your courses and/or all of your organizations

Edit Notifications through Email

  1. If you have received an email notification, click the Manage Notifications at the bottom of the email

  2. This sends you to your Email Settings

  3. Check mark the type of notification setting you want and click Submit



For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk