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Follow these step-by-step instructions for editing a blog profile in WordPress.

Author box example

Setting up a profile allows you to have an author box at the end of your posts which will show your profile picture and description.


Step-by-step guide

Refer to the appropriate instructions based on the desired change.

Profile description

  1. Log into your blog's WordPress Dashboard.

  2. Select Users.

  3. Select All Users.

  4. Locate and select your profile.

  5. Input the desired text into the Biographical Info field.

  6. Select Update Profile to finish.

Profile picture

WordPress uses the Gravatar system to house profile pictures.

  1. Visit Gravatar.
  2. Select the Create Your Own Gravatar button.
  3. Follow the instructions on the Gravatar site to finish.

    You must use your BearPass email address!


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