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If you click the Edit tab, you will see the Edit menu. The Edit menu allows you to add questions to any file that is currently opened; it can be a survey or an exam file. This menu will look differently depending on which type of file is open. 

There are fifteen question types available: Multiple Choice, True or False, Essay, Matching, Ordering, Fill in the Blank, Multiple Answers, Calculated, Jumbled Sentence, Either/Or, File Response, Opinion Scale, Numeric, Quiz Bowl, and Fill in Multiple Blanks.

In the Edit menu, you can add feedback and point values to questions; you can also add images, media files, tables, HTML, and more to enhance your students' test experience.

Step-by-step guides

Adding a new question

Before adding a new question, ensure you have the corrected exam or survey open, and that you are on the Edit menu.

  1. Look to the left-hand side and click the question type you want to add.

  2. In the Title of Question box, type the title you want to give the question.
  3. In the Question Wording box, type the question.
  4. If you wish, select the Publish as Short Answer... check box.
  5. In the area for writing feedback, write the feedback you want to use (if you choose to include feedback with your test questions).
  6. In the Point Value box, type the point value you want to give this question.

  7. Click Preview to review your question, and then click Add to End of List or Insert into List. If you click Insert into List, you will have to type the question number you want to assign to the new question.

Be aware that there is a spell check feature for Respondus. But, the spell checker will look at the entire exam not only the question you are editing.

Common features of questions

There are several common features that you will find on any type of question available in Respondus.

  • Title
  • Question Wording
  • Feedback
  • Edit Form buttons (Insert into List, Preview, Etc.)

Preview and edit a question

The Question List can be found at the bottom of the Edit menu. In this list, you will see all the questions you have added to an exam or survey. For each question in the list, you will see its title,question type, points, and wording.

Previewing a question

  1. Click the Preview Current Item button. You will see a preview of the question you selected.

Expanding the question list

  1. You can also expand the Question List. Click Expanded View to see the Question List in a larger format.

Editing a question

The Question menu allows you to modify each specific question in several different ways. From this menu, you can directly edit a question, preview the question, move a question, and more.

  1. From the question list, click the Question Menu button next to the question you want to edit.

  2. Select Edit.

  3. Make changes as needed before publishing the exam.


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk