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Step-by-step guide

Exporting an Assessment

  1. Go to the page where the assessment is located and, after clicking the gray chevron next to the assessment name, click Edit.

  2. On the next screen click Export Assessment.

  3. Depending on your browser, either click Save, select the location to save the file, and click OK. Or click the drop down arrow next to the downloaded file on the bottom pop-up bar and click Show in folder to move the file where you would like.

Importing an Assessment

  1. Open Blackboard and go to the course for which you would like to add a Self and Peer Assessment.
  2. When in the correct course, choose the page where you want the assessment, and hover over Assessments on the menu bar. Click Self and Peer Assessment.

  3. When you are in the creation prompt, choose Import on the first option.

  4. Click Choose File to locate the assessment file.
  5. Type in the Name for the assessment. (If left blank, the name of the imported assessment will be used.)
  6. Click Submit.


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