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You may be asked to send an email as an attachment. This can help reduce clutter and separate your email text from the one you would like to forward.

If you are sending spam, phishing attempts, or other malicious email to, always send as an attachment rather than forwarding.

Step-by-step Guide

Attaching an Email in Office 365 Education and Outlook Online

  1. Sign into your student Office 365 Education account. You can access it by going to and signing in using your or and BearPass password. (If you have forgotten your password you can change it here

    This is not your email address. This is your BearPass Login (abc123) followed by or

  2. Select the Outlook icon.

  3. Click the +New button.

  4. Click the Edit in a Separate Window icon,open separate window icon. This will open a new message window.

  5. Arrange the new message window and existing Office 365 Education window so that you are able to view both windows at the same time.
  6. Click and drag the email that you would like to attach from the mail folder into the new message window.

  7. Once the email is attached, add any additional information into the message.

  8. Fill out the To and Add a subject fields, then click Send.

Attaching an Email in Outlook 2016 

  1. Create a new message, or for an existing message, click Reply, Reply All, or Forward.
  2. Navigate to the Message tab and click Attach Item.

  3. Select Outlook Item from the list.
  4. Browse through the folders to find the email you want to attach.
  5. Select the email and click OK.
  6. Add any additional information into the message.
  7. Fill out the To... and Subject fields, then click Send.

    You may skip steps 2-5 by dragging and dropping the email you would like to attach into the new message window.

For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk