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As of June 2019, Missouri State University no longer licenses Adobe Connect. If faculty need assistance retrieving materials stored within Connect, please complete our form for assistance or contact Alan Roland

For first time Participants:

Send an email to Alan Roland to request access to Adobe Connect. Missouri State University has license for faculty only, to be assigned the role of meeting hosts.

The URL for Adobe Connect is

Computer Setup:

Setup your computer and Mac to use Adobe Connect by using the Adobe Connect diagnostic testing application to configure your computer settings and network connections.

Diagnostic Test:

This diagnostic test will ensure your computer and network connections are properly configured to provide you with the best possible Adobe Connect meeting experience. The diagnostic test checks for the following:

  1. Clear connection to Adobe Connect
  2. Bandwidth availability
  3. Latest Adobe Connect Add-in

The application page also has troubleshooting tips for your Adobe Connect meeting room.

Support and Solutions

Access the Adobe Connect Support Blog, or the Adobe Connect User Community for answers and solutions on Adobe Connect issues. 

You can also email user support at Missouri State Outreach.

For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk