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You can easily work in Word and then upload your document to the Experts Documentation Wiki. Importing from Word only works for new pages, as your Wiki content will be replaced with the Word document text. The simplest way to import a Word document is to import the entire content of the document into a single wiki page. By default, the content of the document will be created as a new Experts Wiki page.

More advanced options allow you to import the content into a new page, to split a single document into more than one Experts Wiki page, and to resolve conflicts in the titles of your pages. These options are described below.

If the Word document is created in Word 2013, you will have to save it in a format which is compatible to Word 2003-2008.

Step-by-step guides

Importing a Word document

Importing to one page

The simplest way to import a Word document is to import the entire content of the document into a single Expert Wiki page.

This method will replace any existing content on the Expert Wiki page.

  1. Create a page in Experts or go to an existing page whose content you want replaced.
  2. Choose Tools > Import Word Document.

  3. Click Choose file and find the document on your local drive or network.
  4. Click the Open or Upload, whichever is provided by your browser. The path and file name of the document will now appear in the text box on the Office Connector import screen.
  5. Click Next on the Office Connector import screen. The import document options screen will display.

     Root Page Title

    The title of the wiki page that will contain the information from your imported document.

     Import as a new page in the current space

    A new wiki page will be created with the page title specified above.

     Replace <pagename>

    The contents of the existing page will be replaced. The page will be renamed to the page title specified above.

     Delete existing children of <pagename>

    The existing child pages of the page you are replacing will be deleted.

     Rename imported pages if page name already exists

    Assign new names to any new page which would otherwise have a duplicate name. The content of existing pages will remain unchanged.

     Replace existing pages with imported pages of the same title

    If imported pages have titles equal to existing pages, then the content of the Office document will overwrite the content on the existing page. Page history will be preserved.

     Remove existing pages with the same title as imported pages

    If imported pages have titles equal to existing pages, then the existing pages will be deleted. This will remove the page history as well as the content.

     Split by heading

    The content of the Office document will be split over multiple wiki pages. If you don't want to split your document into multiple wiki pages, leave the default Don't split option selected. For more information on splitting your document, please see below.

  6. Click Import.

Splitting a Word document into multiple Wiki pages

When importing a Word document, you can split a single document into more than one wiki page based on the heading styles in the document. By default, the page names will be the same as the heading text. This may result in a conflict if a page already exists with the same title. You can instruct the importer about how to handle such conflicts.

  1. Import the Word document. On the import document options screen, choose how to split your document in the Split by heading field.
    1. If you want to split the content under each heading in your document into separate child pages, select the desired heading level to split by. A preview of the page hierarchy that will be created by the split will be displayed under Document Outline. Each bullet point in the Document Outline represents a new page after importing into the Experts Documentation Wiki.

  2. Click Import to import your document.

Exporting a Word document

If you are more comfortable working in Microsoft Word, you can export your wiki page to Word and then edit it there before importing it back into Experts. Although there is an Edit in Word tool in the Tools menu, this feature requires a plug-in and is not yet available.

  1. Point to Tools while on the wiki page you want to export, and then click Export to Word. You may see a dialog box for saving the Experts page. If you do, follow to the instructions to save the file to your desktop.

  2. Navigate to the folder where you have saved the file, and then click Open.
  3. Make your changes in Word and then save the document.

Limitations when Exporting a Word Document

When converting a wiki page to an Office document, the Office Connector does not attempt to convert:

  • Macros – The macro will appear original form with curly brackets, such as '{children}'.
  • Wiki links to other pages – External links and bookmark links will appear on the same page.
  • Emoticons – Smileys and other emoticons will appear as their plain text equivalent, such as ':)'.

Formatting an Experts Page After Import

Limitations When Importing Word Documents

The formatting of the imported content is constrained by the capabilities of HTML and Experts Wiki text. You may need to manually fix some complex formatting after the import. Features of Word that will be imported:

  • Tables: note that cell/row merging will be removed and nested tables will be flattened to one table.
  • Lists: multi-level lists are supported. Paragraph breaks between list items will restart the list numbering in the wiki. All list numbering is converted to the wiki's list numbering (1.,2.,3.,4.,...). All list bullets will be converted to wiki's bullet character.
  • Heading-styled text is imported as headings in the Experts Wiki. Other paragraph formatting is not supported. This includes indentation, space before, space after, and text alignment.
  • The following text formats are imported:
    • bold
    • italic
    • superscript
    • subscript
    • color
    • underline

Formatting an Expert Page After Import

After you import a Word document into Experts, you will need to do some clean up to make sure the appearance of the page is acceptable. There are several editing tools to use in the Experts Wiki Editor. If you need to alter headings, text weight, color, or lists, you can easily select those tools from the Rich Text Editor toolbar. The following sections will help you format three of the most common document elements that change when importing from Word to Experts.


Microsoft Word allows you to create different heading styles to help you create a hierarchy in your document. However, when you import the Word document into Experts, some formatting may be lost.

Create Styles in Word

Before importing a document from Microsoft Word into the Experts Wiki, you should set up heading styles in the Word document. The wiki will recognize these heading styles and match them in your Experts article.

  1. Select the text in the document you want to make into a heading.
  2. Click a heading style on the Home tab under Styles. The style as it appears on Microsoft Word will not carry over in the Experts wiki. If you select Heading 1, the wiki will only recognize the text should be a Heading 1, but will not look like the Microsoft Word document.

    You can select up to six heading styles that will carry over to the Expert wiki's six heading styles.

Check Heading Style

Once you have set up a style and imported your document, you may want to double-check that the appropriate style has been applied in the Experts Wiki page. On your page, click the text that should be a specific heading style, and verify that it matches what you set in Microsoft Word in the Paragraph Style list in Experts.



If you have a document that includes lists, you can import those list styles over to the Experts Wiki. You can import a numbered or bulleted list. There should be no problems moving over these two lists from Microsoft Word, but if one arises, you can edit using the List Tools in the toolbar or by inserting the shortcuts listing in the Quick Reference Guide.


Images most often lose their formatting when imported into Experts. Any formatting you do in Microsoft Word such as resizing the picture, adding call-outs and arrows, cropping the picture, and adding borders and other effects will be lost when imported into the Experts wiki. To remedy this, we recommend using a photo or image editor to change your image and then to import that image into Microsoft Word. After you have imported the image into Word, you can import the whole document without loss of the image formatting.


When imported into Experts, there is a chance your tables will be altered. To prevent this, make sure the table has no problems in the Word document first. If you add a document that includes a table, continue editing that table through Microsoft Word.



For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk