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In this presentation you will learn how to share your Adobe Connect meeting room and recording your presentation.

Video: Recording with Adobe Connect

Step by Step Guides

Find your Adobe Connect Recording

  1. You will go to the Adobe Connect Portal (Manager) to find your recording. Open your preferred Browser and enter the URL for the Adobe Connect portal (manager):


  2. After you have logged in (use your Missouri State profile and password), click the link Meetings in the grey menu bar. Click the link for the name of your meeting room.

  3. You will see the meeting information page appear. Click the Recordings tab for this selected meeting.

  4. Click the name of the recording (BerTesting for this example). 
  5. Select and copy the URL in the section called URL for Viewing. This is the URL you will use to insert into your Blackboard course for your students to review.

Insert Adobe Connect recording to the Blackboard Course

  1. Login in to Blackboard Learn, find your course, and select the Content Area where you wish to add the Adobe Connect recording link. Hover over the tab Build Content and then click Web Link.

  2. The Create Web Link page will appear. Enter a Name for the web link recording and paste the URL taken from Adobe Connect. You can add a description to the web link. 
  3. You can also add file attachments deemed necessary for the students; browse to find the file(s). Additionally, you are encouraged to choose Yes for the option Open in New Window. You can also use the Select Date and Time Restrictions option to restrict when your students can view the recording. Click Submit.


  4. The recording is now a link in your Blackboard course and will open in a new window when clicked. Your students can watch simply by clicking the link (Adobe Connect Recording) to review the presentation.


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk