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  1. Log in as Administrator and open the Deep Freeze Console.
  2. Login with Administrator.
  3. Open up either File Explorer (Start > File Explorer) or the Windows Run Dialog Box (Windows Key + R) and navigate to \\
  4. Navigate to Compustat > LibraryWIn8Install and run Setup.exe.
  5. Accept the default settings and click OK on any dialog boxes that may appear. One may spawn underneath the install window as shown below.
  6. When the installation has completed, run Research Insight from either the Start Menu, or C:\Program Files (x86)\ Research Insight\SPRI.exe.
  7. When asked to locate the NA database enter in \\livingston\ResearchInsight\NA and click Next.
  8. Accept to copy the Support files onto the system.
  9. Once the files are finished copying (this may take 2-3 minutes), you should be able to launch and use Research Insight.
  10. Following the installation, make a shortcut from the executable (or copy the shortcut from the desktop if it's created) and paste it into C:\Users\Public\Public Desktop. This is a hidden folder so you'll need to go to View and check the view hidden items checkbox.

For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk