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The workbox creates a personal to-do list for users comprised of tasks assigned by yourself or others. You can also create a list of tasks on a page and assign them to your colleagues. The workbox syncs to the pages, so changes made in the workbox are reflected in the task list on the page and vice versa.

Task creation/assignment

There are a few ways that you and other people can assign tasks to you:

  • You can add a personal task via the workbox.
  • You can add a notification to your task list via the notification workbox. This is useful if you want to get back to it later.
  • Someone can assign you a task from a task list on a page.

Managing your personal tasks in the Workbox

The workbox displays notifications and personal tasks in separate tabs. The task tab shows the tasks assigned to you. When you update a task that originated in a task list on a page, the update is reflected in the task list too.

Step-by-step guides

Viewing your tasks

  1. Click your user profile icon in the top-right corner of the page and choose Tasks from the drop-down menu.

  2. Review your list of tasks.

Adding tasks

Tasks are created on pages, not from the Tasks screen.

  1. Open the page you wish to add tasks to and click Edit.
  2. Click the Task list button from the menu.

  3. Type your tasks, pressing ENTER between each one. Use @ to assign the task to someone or // to choose a due date.

  4. Save the page.

Managing tasks

  1. Go to the Tasks menu.

  2. Choose the check box next to the task to complete a task or mark it as incomplete.

  3. Choose View completed to see the tasks that are marked as complete.

Adding a notification to your task list

You can flag a notification as a task. This is useful if you want to take action on the notification later.

  1. Click the Workbox icon.

  2. Click the notifications icon.

  3. Choose the notification you want to add to your task list. The notification details dialog will open.
  4. Choose the Add Task icon. The notification will remain in the notification list too.

See Notifications for a full description of notifications.

Managing tasks on a page

Please refer to creating task lists for information about editing task lists on a page.


  • Completed tasks in the workbox are automatically deleted after 7 days.
  • You cannot disable the functionality that provides task lists on a page.
  • Much of this page was adapted from Confluence documentation.


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