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If you had a MyEdu profile on the previous Blackboard system at Missouri State (Spring 2018 and prior), Blackboard will recognize your email address when you attempt to create your profile on Blackboard SaaS. You will then be able to merge your existing profile with the new system. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Select the drop-down menu next to your name in the upper right corner of Blackboard.
  2. Click the blank avatar icon at the top of the menu.

  3. Accept the Terms of Service.

  4. Enter the email address you used on your previous MyEdu profile.

  5. You will be prompted to confirm that the profile associated with the email address you entered belongs to you. Click That’s me - I want to use this profile.

  6. The next page will prompt you to merge the two profiles. Click Yes, Merge My Profiles.

  7. A verification code will be sent to the email address you provided. Keep your Blackboard page open and access your email in another browser tab or window. 

  8. Copy and paste the verification code from your email into the box on Blackboard and click OK
  9. Your profile is now setup.


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk