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Forum moderation is used as a way to monitor or review posts before they are published. Posts can be returned to the author with an attached message explaining the reason for return or not posting. Moderating a discussion forum adds another layer of management for the instructor. One use for Forum Moderation might be a peer review assignment. Using the discussion board, students could submit their assignment and then once all students have turned in their assignment, the instructor can publish them making all papers available for peer review at the same time.

In order to enable moderation of posts you must modify the forum settings .

Step-by-step guide

To submit to the Moderation Queue, students must reply to a Thread you created; therefore, DO NOT select Allow members to create new threads.

  1. From My Courses, select the course you wish to visit.
  2. In the Course Menu, click Discussions.
  3. From the Discussion Board page, click the Forum you are moderating, and then ensure that you are in List View.



    You must have forum moderation turned on to moderate forums.

  4. Click Moderate Forum

  5. In the Moderation Queue, click the Moderate button next to the post to view it.

  6. On the Moderate Post page, review the student's post.
  7. Under Post Moderation, select Publish or Return. If you return a post, you can type a message explaining why.


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk