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In this tutorial you will learn how to integrate your SoftChalk lesson into a Blackboard course content area. We will be using Softchalk’s Publish Lesson option. Additionally, we will use the SoftChalk Building Block which is integrated into Blackboard to receive an access code for the lesson integration. The SoftChalk Access Code Configuration building block allows for authentication with your Blackboard identity.

  1. Open your Softchalk Lesson in the Softchalk software.

  2. Go to File > Package Lesson.

  3. Choose Standard Zip and None as seen in the below dialog (Packaging/Student Options) box.

  4. Click OK.
  5. You will receive the below message. Note the folder location in this box.

  6. Click OK.

    NOTE: Do not close the Softchalk software with your lesson. Minimize the screen.
  7. Go to the indicated folder to find the published SoftChalk zipped file. Eg. (The zipped file will probably be in the same folder location as your SoftChalk lesson.)

  8. Go to your Blackboard Course.  In the Course Tools section, click the tool, Softchalk Publish with ScoreCenter Tasks. (This option also covers Softchalk with no ScoreCenter tasks)

  9. The following screen will appear.

  10. Click Submit. You will receive your personal Blackboard Access code. Copy this code to Notepad or any other text-enabled (Word, WordPad, etc.) application.
  11. Open your completed Softchalk Lesson in the Softchalk software.

  12. Click on File > Publish Lesson.

  13. The following screen will appear. Click on Accounts tab to create a new Blackboard connection account. Click the New button.

  14. Choose Blackboard as your Account Type.  Click OK.

  15. Enter the following required items.
    1.  Descriptive name: [Can be MyBlackBoard]
    2. The server address: Is
    3. The Access Code is your personal Blackboard Access code you had received earlier.
  16. Click OK when finished.

  17. Your Blackboard Publish Account will now be seen.

  18. Now go to the Publish tab in this dialog box and click Connect for Softchalk to connect to your Blackboard account. All your courses will be seen on the right of the dialog box. Choose the options as seen below and appropriate to lesson. 

  19. Choose the course your Softchalk lesson will be published. Then choose the actual content folder where the Softchalk lesson will be seen by students.  Click Publish.

  20. You will receive the below message.

  21. Go into your Blackboard course to see the published Softchalk lesson (see image below).


For questions or comments, contact the Computer Services Help Desk